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Google Maps marketing is using Google Maps’ range of capabilities to make your business easier to find on a local level. Having a google maps listing helps your business become visible to the digital marketing world. An optimized Google Maps listing increases your business’s listing and rank on search engines which can result in more potential customers seeing your products and services, competitors aware of their competition, and business.

Higher Rank = More Traffic

Statistics say 76% of people who search for a business nearby visit that said business within a day. Having a high rank on google maps results puts you in the top three searches known as the “Local 3-Pack”. Most potential consumers rarely look past the first page when searching for a business near them, so it’s crucial to be in the top 3 search results to increase the visibility of your business.  

How to Rank Higher

  • Add your business to google maps. 
  • Claim your business
    • Name, category, location, phone number
    • Pictures of your business (exterior and interior)
    • Business description
    • Updated hour
  • Info on your business listing – More information on your business listing the better. 
  • Get Google Reviews
  • Centralize your Google Maps listing
  • Post regularly
  • Local Keywords
  • Embed Google Maps location on your website

Finds new Customers

Having your business on Google Maps not only showcases where you are located, but it helps find future buyers. For example, someone is new to the area and they want to head to a restaurant near them, a corner grocery store, or the closest laundr-o-mat. A good percentage of the time they will use Google to search for the business they need, and Google will post the closest or 3 most popular businesses at the top of the page. 

Quick Contact

With Google Maps tending to show the “Local 3-Pack” at the top of the search results, it also gives the contact information of the three businesses. The name, category, phone number, star rating, city, and open/closing time appear with the individual top 3. This shows the consumer exactly what they need without going to the business’ website. For mobile users this is especially helpful because they just click on the phone number and call the business directly instead of heading to the website. 

Star Ratings

After reviews have been made through Yelp, Google Review, and other business review websites Google will show a star rating of the business. The higher the star rating the better chance a new customer will look more into your business as well as encouraging current customers to come back. 

Business Images

Showing off pictures, especially well-taken or professional done pictures, of your business with Google Maps instantly gives your audience a visual representation of what your business looks like. Exterior and interior photos of your business helps with making a local search ad so you don’t have to. This helps tell consumers your business is a legitimate company, making the customer feel more secure buying products or services from your organization.